3 Fitness Trends to Level-Up Your Training in 2023

Level-up your results this year, with these three cutting-edge fitness workouts.

1. AI Science And Advanced Fitness Wearables

The world of AI technology is predicted to double from $40.74 billion in 2020 to $99.94 billion in 2023, and developments in the health and fitness industry will play a massive part in this. The rapid acceleration of AI technology means personalised training is about to go up a notch. Fusing together your biometric data, activity levels, and goals, AI-based training programs will soon be serving up highly personalised exercise regimes. Individualised workout recommendations are just the beginning; savvy exercisers will soon be able to experience bespoke workouts – with an AI-informed Personal Trainer prescribing moves tailored to suit your body, and intensity levels that peak to match your fitness. Add to this the use of smartphone sensors, computer vision, and wearable devices and the coaching can be delivered in real time.

2. Going Green With Biophilia Training

With the trend towards more holistic exercise experiences remaining strong, green activity is set to flourish. Biophilia training sessions (nature-based workouts) deliver a holistic sensory experience – giving you the chance to take in the scenery, move in the breeze, feel the earth underfoot, and smell the grass and flowers. There are numerous benefits of exercise in nature and purposeful outdoor activity has been shown to significantly improve wellbeing.

Moving forward we can expect medical professionals to increasingly prescribe outdoor activity to help improve physical fitness and wellbeing. While outdoor workouts are ideal as they combine the calming qualities of nature with the benefits of exercise, activities such as spending time simply sitting in nature are also growing in popularity. The practice of forest bathing is gaining momentum, with participants lowering stress levels and boosting their mood in as little as 20 minutes.

3. Gamification At The Gym (Or At Home)

Tech-based workouts have been on the scene for some time, but innovation in this space is accelerating, with a raft of gamified training options and technologically-inspired exercise on the horizon. Gaming authorities report that two out of three Americans are now playing video games at least once a week – doing so to unwind, relieve stress, and have fun. These psychological and physical benefits can peak when the gaming is fused with physical activity.

No longer is it just tech companies dabbling in the fitness space, now highly-effective science-backed training programs are leveraging virtual reality and being adopted by the masses. Researchers have identified the ability to score exercise points, leader boards, unlockable content, levels, badges, and challenges and quests as the most popular ways to bolster workout motivation, so we can expect more of this in the future. Combine this with connected trackers, and thriving online fitness communities, and you’ll have increasing opportunities to enjoy the motivation of a group while you get your fitness fix at home.

Group exercise studios are starting to serve up a new generation of immersive workouts where music, visuals, wearables, and Fitness Instructors combine in an exhilarating exercise experience. Down the track, virtual reality machines could soon become more prevalent on gym floors and clubs could offer high-tech cycles and treadmills that push your limits with racing games.

“The cultural convergence between fitness and gaming is sparking exciting collaborations and innovative products. You can now be transported into the middle of the most popular martial arts workout on the planet.” Rachael Newsham, Les Mills Program Director.

There are many exciting new fitness trends on the horizon and getting in early to introduce them into your group exercise class is a great way to stay competitive and attract new members!

Just remember that whatever new trend you integrate into your fitness club, it will always go better with music. So make sure you have high-quality sound equipment in your gym!

Article courtesy of Les Mills Asia Pacific.