The Ultimate Aeromic Instructors Package (2 x Mics!)

The Ultimate Instructors Package to combat sweat damage in the busier gyms. 

A great system to combat the sweaty world of group fitness & spin classes. All Aeromic & Cyclemic products come with a 2-year warranty against sweat!

The new Fitness Audio DX6 digital receiver has been designed to give you more volume, less feedback! Get your volumes much higher than before, without the annoying squeals. 

The DX6-R incorporates ASAP© (Auto Search Auto Pair) technology for an instant start on an interference free channel. No set-up is required. Mic signals pass through a seamless 3-stage data redundancy circle to ensure stable and quality reception. A proprietary codec (encode/decode) circuit ensures excellent audio quality and a wide dynamic range.

With our new Fitness Audio DX6 Digital receiver, this system now has the ability for team teaching, without adding a 2nd receiver! 

This system comes complete with;

  • 1 x Digital Receiver 
  • 2 x Digital Transmitters
  • 2 x Aeromics or Cyclemics
  • 1 x Charging Dock with batteries


  • Clear and intuitive LCD display for easy operation and quick set-up.
  • Digital Sound Processing - More gain, less feedback.
  • 82 Channel auto scan to find the cleanest channel.
  • Sleek/Compact design with sweat protection.
  • Operating time up to 12 hours with 2 x AA batteries.
  • No antenna on the transmitter.
  • Sturdy ABS housing.

This wireless system needs to be connected to a sound system via a Mic/Line mixer. Check out our range here.

*Important: The DX6 range is not backwards compatible with the existing Fitness Audio D-Series range.

Fitness Audio DX6 Manual