Silent Cycling System

The Silent Cycling System delivers the Instructor's voice over their Class Music to the participants' earbuds or phones using Wifi and a free App on their smartphones. Neat!

Join the New York ‘silent' workout craze! Instructors can now talk to the class over earbuds with accompanying music pumped in. We've designed this system for silent spinning classes (it’s not silent to those participating), or any small group fitness exercise for that matter. Anywhere you don't want to disrupt other members elsewhere in the venue, like in a multi-purpose Sports Hall or an open plan gym.

We take our Mini Stack Electronics Package comprising the Aeromix Mini Mixer, the AeroLink Bluetooth™ Receiver and the U-Series wireless mic receiver and add to it the Cyclemic, configured for the MT-U8 Mini Transmitter with Arm Pouch for the Instructor, and an AppAudio Single Channel Processor. You will need to connect the AppAudio unit to an Access Point (aka WiFi Signal Transmitter POE Adaptor); we've listed that as an optional extra.

Connection to the internet is optional; the Ruckus will work without one by just transmitting the Voice over Music Mix to anyone in the area with a Smartphone using the AppAudio App. The Ruckus needs to be mounted on the ceiling above the middle of the pack using a run of CAT 5/6 cable (not supplied). It's an easy install for anyone with IT installation experience.

Your fitness club members download the free AppAudio App from for Apple or Android phones. Get them to change their WiFi Setting to the re-named AP you are using so that they can hear the Instructor. The Instructor uses an MP3 Player paired to the AeroLink for the fitness class music with a cleaner sound quality than a cable-from-the-headphone-socket, and achieves a balanced Voice-over-Music mix using their own Smartphone with the App via their own earbuds and the two Mini Mixervolume controls. That's it - you're now good to go with a silent cycling system from Fitness Audio.

*Price does not include lockable glass door cabinet.

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