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Helix Personal PA Microphone

Great for Teachers, Fitness and Sports Trainers, Swimming Coaches, Tour Guides,  Voice Coaches or anyone looking to project their voice without screaming. 

The Helix Personal PA is a great option if you're looking to save your vocal cords, without breaking the bank! 

Save your voice when you walk and talk with groups – get this battery powered Waistband Amp and Headmic set and be heard up to 50 meters away. The headmic with a windscreen sits close to your mouth for maximum pick up.

It comes complete with, personal amplifier, headword microphone, rechargeable batteries and charger. All for only $199!

Finished in all black with a long adjustable clip/clasp waist belt, it's designed to fit any size person. 

Replacement parts available include Headmics, NiMh Batteries and Powerpacks. Stay out in front with a Helix Personal PA!

Helix Mini – 10 Watt Ultra Portable Voice Reinforcement System

Personal Beltpack Amplifier System
• Compact, lightweight, loud and mobile. Suitable for 
indoor/outdoor applications.
• Built-in charging circuitry enables simultaneous charging and operating.
• High efficiency Class-D amplifier produces max. 10W output.
• Speaker system: 3 ¼” full-range.
• Tone control.
• LED indicates low battery power.
• Can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.
• Up to 8~10 hours of vocal operation per charge.
• Charging time approx. 4-6 hours 
• Ø3.5mm Input jack for Mic/Line input, as well as multimedia player
and PC presentation.