HX Personal PA Microphone

Great for Teachers, Fitness and Sports Trainers, Swimming Coaches, Tour Guides,  Voice Coaches or anyone looking to project their voice without screaming. 

The HX Personal PA is a great option if you're looking to save your vocal cords, without breaking the bank! 

Save your voice when you walk and talk with groups – get this battery powered Waistband Amp and Headmic set and be heard up to 50 meters away. The headmic with a windscreen sits close to your mouth for maximum pick up.

It comes complete with, personal amplifier, headword microphone, rechargeable batteries and charger. All for only $219!

Finished in all black with a long adjustable clip/clasp waist belt, it's designed to fit any size person. 

Replacement parts available include Headmics, NiMh Batteries and Powerpacks. Stay out in front with a Helix Personal PA!

10 Watt Ultra Portable Voice Reinforcement System

Personal Beltpack Amplifier System
• Compact, lightweight, loud and mobile. Suitable for 
indoor/outdoor applications.
• Built-in charging circuitry enables simultaneous charging and operating.
• High efficiency Class-D amplifier produces max. 10W output.
• Speaker system: 3 ¼” full-range.
• Tone control.
• LED indicates low battery power.
• Can be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.
• Up to 8~10 hours of vocal operation per charge.
• Charging time approx. 4-6 hours 
• Ø3.5mm Input jack for Mic/Line input, as well as multimedia player
and PC presentation.