Fitness Audio U Series UHF Receiver

The Fitness Audio U Series Receiver has been the second part of the sweat-resistant fitness teaching standard for over 15 years!

The Fitness Audio SDR 5616 is the 3rd generation of 16 channel UHF Receivers to match our SM716 Body Pack Transmitter and MT-U8 Mini Transmitter. It is available in 4 different frequency groups, depending where you are in Australia. These are 630-650MHz, 650-670MHz, 598-610MHz and 520-526MHz.It features a dual antenna True Diversity circuit for continuous reception with a reduced risk of dropouts.

There are two audio output sockets on the rear panel of the receiver. We supply it with a 6.35mm Jack to Jack cable as standard. It will connect into most mic/line mixers including our Aeromix mixers. The volume control on the front of the receiver works as a "turn down" control from themaximum position. The 12 o'clock position is approximately the same as using a balanced XLR cabled handmic. If you do connect it using an XLR balanced cable (optional extra) the signal levelis fixed. It is like pluggingin a cabled microphone direct as it by-passes the front panel volume control.

NOTE* This is for a receiver only and is not supplied with a transmitter

Optional rack mount kit with antenna extensions available, so you can neatly mount in your existing rack. 

For any enquiries, please call the team on 02 8399 1052


Receiver & Transmitter Manual