Aeromic & Fitness Audio Mini Tx Spare Set

The Mini Transmitter is supplied with 2 black battery covers and you can also purchase Red and Yellow or Orange & Blue ones to identify mics with particular studios or to match the colour of the mic you are using. It is powered by one AAA battery, use either Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The circuit board is coated with the anti-corrosion lacquer that's exclusive to Fitness Audio and there are no exposed switches so the transmitter is pretty well sealed against sweat.

FLEXIBILITY is our catchword. Choose the Aeromic AM11 for GX Classes or the Cyclemic CM11 for Studio Cycling Classes and have it connected to the Mini Tx in the style that best suits the purpose, whether that is on the headframe, at the end of the cable for use with an AMA waist pouch belt or with an ArmPouch for the recommended Cyclemic combination. These combinations are for teaching the more energetic exercise classes.

This combination is offered as a second or spare AM11 or CM11 with an MT-U8 Tx to be used in conjunction with another MT-U8/SDR5716 wireless system for alternated use in busier studios or with a Challenger PA System.

Yoga Wrap Bonus! - any MT-U8 sale where it is mounted on the Mic frame will receive a complimentary Yoga Wrap to further protect it against any sweat damage - try it out and then order more for your instructors!

Mini Transmitter Flyer