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New! Fitness Audio 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless Mic System

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The Fitness Audio Digital Series is our latest  wireless mic receiver and transmitter combo. The transmitter has been made smaller and more functional. 

The digital processing inside the receiver means more volume, less feedback! Get your volumes higher than before, without the annoying squeals. 

If you are already using Aeromics, Cyclemics or EMics wired to suit Fitness Audio, they will plug straight into to this system.


  • Clear and intuitive LCD display for easy operation and quick set-up.
  • Digital Sound Processing - More gain, less feedback.
  • 82 Channel auto scan to find the cleanest channel.
  • Sleek/Compact design with sweat protection.
  • Operating time up to 12 hours with 2 x AA batteries.
  • No antenna on the transmitter.
  • Sturdy ABS housing.

    When fitted with rechargeable batteries, it can be used with our very handy Fitness Audio Charging Dock. Saves wear and tear on the mic transmitter pack - Highly recommended! 

    *Charging Dock not included.

    Digital Mic System Flyer 

    Digital Mic System Manual