The Best Way to Store a Fitness Microphone for Instructors on the Move

Storing your fitness microphone properly is critical in preventing damages and avoiding equipment loss - particularly when you're on the move.

With many Exercise Instructors choosing to use their own headmic to teach their classes, having a good storage container where you can put your microphone when travelling to and from the gym is a must!

Because of this, Fitness Audio has designed a Microphone Case specifically for this purpose. With a hard and durable outer-case, a zipper and plenty of space inside, you can store your fitness mic, spare windscreens and Aeromic Pouchbelt safely.

With 8 ventilation holes, the Fitness Audio Mic Case can store and dry-out your mic simultaneously while you move around. This prevents moisture build-up that can result from storing sweaty headmics insufficiently and reduces the likelihood of sweat-related microphone damages from occurring.

The Mic Case is designed to hold any of our microphones - the Aeromic, Cyclemic, EMic and Fitness Mic, as well as other types of headmics.

Don't let your microphone get around sweaty and unprotected - get your Fitness Audio Headmic Case today!