Fitness Audio’s Top 3 Advantages of Wireless Microphone Systems in the Gym

At Fitness Audio, we always recommend Fitness Instructors choose wireless mic systems when it comes to teaching their classes. Read on to find out our top three reasons why!

1. Safer

With fewer cables, comes fewer accidents. Traditional microphone systems require much more cabling than wireless systems. This can be a tripping hazard, particularly in a fitness class environment.

Using a wireless microphone system is therefore the safer option for Group Exercise Instructors and members alike.

2. Greater Flexibility

Using a wireless mic system also allows for far greater flexibility. Fitness Instructors aren’t restricted to certain areas and can hence move around their class more freely and have greater flexibility to teach in different locations.

Fewer wires also grants Instructors greater mobility. This is particularly helpful in group fitness classes as Fitness Trainers are able to demonstrate all exercises without having their movement restricted by cables.

3. More Reliable Sound

Lastly, wireless mic systems also offer more reliable sound. As there are fewer cables and connections, there is less opportunity for damage to occur. This allows for more reliable audio and a much lower chance of sound complications occurring.

For all your fitness microphone needs, get in contact with Fitness Audio today. Our extensive range of wireless mic packages will guarantee that we have the perfect audio solution for your fitness class!