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Antari Anti-Bacterial Disinfection Machine

The Antari AG-800 is a lightweight, portable and highly functional disinfecting machine which offers users an exceptionally effective, fast acting sanitising method, to evenly disperse disinfectant solution as vaporised fog.

Your members and staff NEED to know your workplace is taking the necessary precautions to maximise the safety of the environment, and this will ensure you are.

This is proven technology with a proven disinfecting system.

The unique method of fog dispersion allows the specialised anti-bacterial FLD-05 sterilization fluid to get to all the hard to reach places that are almost impossible to reach using manual methods. When used coherently, the disinfectant device and the anti-bacterial fluid effectively kill most fungi, germs, viruses, dust mites and odours. The fluid is dispersed as a dry fog, is effective for up to 4 weeks and doesn’t leave a residue.

While deadly to the bugs, this is totally safe for use around humans and animals and has been developed by a skincare bio-tech company.


It’s extremely easy to operate. Simply turn on the power and either press the activation button on the handle or on the included remote. 5 minute fogging process that automatically stops when cycle is complete. 


The more occupied a certain location is, the more frequently it should be disinfected. Gyms should be running at least one treatment per week

Allow approx. 5 minutes fogging time per 50sq/m. After the fogging process has taken place, allow up to 60 minutes for the fog to settle. Actual fogging required may vary according to situation, layout and amount of use the room gets.

It’s important to note, the AG-800 itself sports no sterilization function. This function comes from the FLD-05 sterilization fluid that’s sold separately. The AG-800 is the recommended disinfection machine that's been designed to distribute the sterilisation fluid effectively.

We are recommending this product as an add on to your already existing cleaning methods, to give yourself, your staff and your customers added peace of mind.  

12 Month Australian Warranty


  • Input Voltage AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A
  • Rated Power 800W
  • Warm-up Time 2 minutes (approx.)
  • Fluid Consumption 10 ml / min
  • Output 3,000 cu.ft. / per min
  • Fluid Tank Capacity 0.8 L
  • Compatible fluid Air Guard FLD-05
  • Ambient temp. range 0 - 40 deg C 
  • Control Manual, Wireless
  • Dimension L315 W128 H218 mm
  • Weight 3.8 KG

Antari AG800 Information Sheet

FLD-05 Information & Safety Sheet 

* Please note: Machines may set off some fire alarm systems - Please isolate and test your alarm before use.