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How do I know an anti-viral disinfectant machine will work against COVID-19?

With gyms set to reopen in the near future, both your staff and clientele's safety is of paramount importance. Anti-Viral Disinfectant Machines are...

Online Streaming Virtual Classes – Which option is right for me?

The fitness industry has been hit hard with all gyms being forced to close their doors. Owners and trainers are understandably still looking for op...

Streaming & Recording Fitness Classes From Anywhere!

The current global situation is causing nothing but pain to everyone in the Fitness Industry.Gyms and Gym Instructors are being left without work a...

Microphone Hygiene Tips

A couple of quick tips to keep your microphone hygiene at the highest level. Use your own microphone windscreen, and make sure you have plenty of ...

We Speak Fitness

It can seem intimidating to find the right equipment for your fitness facility. There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing one, and it c...

The Importance of Microphones in Group Fitness

Most fitness centres running the various forms of group fitness classes elect to use a wireless microphone. The benefits of the instructor being ab...

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