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The Importance of Microphones in Group Fitness

Most fitness centres running the various forms of group fitness classes elect to use a wireless microphone. The benefits of the instructor being ab...

Bluetooth vs AUX Cables

Why is Fitness Audio Shop recommending Bluetooth over Aux cables for Fitness sound systems? For years, Group Exercise Instructors have used audio ...

Making Your iPhone Work Harder In Class

This article is for all instructors and group fitness managers who use their iPhone or iPad as the principal music source for teaching aerobics, cy...

Shedding Some Light on Fitness Stage Lighting

Everybody knows that lights influence our bodies in a few important ways. For example, we all understand that when it is bright outside, we should ...

Can It Ever Be Too Loud for Fitness?

Yes it can! A common complaint we hear from health club managers is that many of their Instructors turn up the volume just a touch too much too to ...

Nightclub Gyms Are The New Fitness Trend You Need To Know About

Choosing between hitting the bar or sweating up a storm on the barre is a thing of the past thanks to nightclub-esque workout classes, the latest f...

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